Lucky Numbers

Scratchies really don’t come much better than Lucky Numbers, in fact, this is one of the best scratch games ever and it is truly astounding in terms of how it feels and the fun you can have. Seriously this is simply the best when it comes to scratch games. You will be amazed by it!

Lucky Numbers

Now, like me, you may think that you already have favourite scratch games and that you don’t need any more. Well that was what I thought until I came across this scratch card, with its awesome scratch tickets. Why not check out the quality of this scratch game for yourself, because it has:

  • A combination of two cards for the price of one
  • In Lucky Match you have 6 chances to win
  • In Lucky 8 you can win again!
  • You can choose to bet either high or low
  • Variable jackpots with different priced cards

All these features help transport this scratch game into being one of the best scratch games ever. It really is fabulous and I love it. In fact I play this scratchcard, or to be more accurate these scratch cards (because you get two) so often, that I even play it for free, just to keep having the joy of the scratch card over and over again!

It really feels oriental. The Chinese have long been very interested in numbers and the luck associated with numbers, so this is a chance to play a scratch game that is very mystical and intriguing, it is genuinely a fantastic scratch card and one that you should not miss. You will want to experience scratchies at their best.

Scratchies for Lovers Of Excitement

I think that as a scratch game, these scratch cards offer the most fantastic excitement. I don’t know if that is because they are oriental, because of the Chinese setting or because of the way that there are lighting and sounds that evoke the orient, but these are scratch tickets that are exceptionally sophisticated. I cannot emphasise just how developed these scratch cards are.

I just have to hear the music playing and I can feel that rush that you get when you discover one of the best scratch cards ever. This is simply scratchcard heaven and possibly the best scratch card you will ever play.

Yes you can visit many scratch sites, play online pokies or just mess about with scratch games, online pokie or other games. But don’t miss out on Lucky Numbers; it leaves pokies standing!

Play Lucky Numbers Now!

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