Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza is one of the best scratch games. I have to admit that I had never played bingo until I tried this scratch game. I am a real scratch tickets girl. I flirt with online pokies sometimes, but for me it has to be scratchies. So when a friend recommended Bingo Bonanza I wasn’t really sure. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to play it, but guess what this is a really easy scratch game!

Bingo Bonanza

Scratch games and indeed scratch cards sites are becoming ever more sophisticated and smart. If you remember the days when all we had was basic online pokie, you will realise just how much the world of scratch games has moved on. In fact you should check out and try Bingo Bonanza because these are scratch tickets with some awesome features. So check out:

  • Really very easy to play and to win
  • Some excellent jackpots on offer
  • Don’t have to keep track of numbers; it is all done for you!
  • Really great graphics and audio features
  • Appeals to non bingo lovers as well

These features really do combine to offer a fantastic scratch game that is almost like no other. It is quick in terms of the way that the pen comes and puts a mark on the balls that you have got, but because there are 6 balls the scratch card lasts a little bit longer. I think that is the sign of great scratch cards!

Scratchies For Both Sexes

If you are a guy who thinks that bingo is more for women, then you should definitely check out this scratch card. I think that it is fantastic and a great way to get experience of bingo with all the joys of scratchies! That is why it is a great game for both sexes and has universal appeal.

You don’t have to be over 40 to play this scratch card; but nor do you have to be under 25 to get a kick out of this scratch game. It simply offers fun for everyone and that is why I love it so much!

In terms of scratch cards, this is a really classic combination and I think it will be ranked as one of the best scratch cards ever, because in the world of scratch cards, it really has caused quite a stir! It is always great to come across a classic scratchcard and to recognise early on that it really is a classic in terms of scratchcard design and that it knocks spots off pokies!

Play Bingo Bonanza Now!

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