Vacation Station

We all love holidays and it’s good to find a scratch cards game that’s focused on that idea. Vacation Station is simple in some ways but the online pokie is far from being boring. It’s a classic game you’ll love, even if you’re a seasoned scratchies player. Here’s what I found out about the scratch cards called Vacation Station:
  • Vacation Station brings to mind the classic trip on holiday as you play
  • All forms of travel are included on your scratch cards
  • Well drawn symbols play their part and will hopefully bring you money!
  • Watch the traveller on the right as his case reveals your bets and winnings
  • The scratch card will have you in the mood for a holiday too, with eight lines for potential wins!
The scratch game is designed to be played by people with all scratchies budgets. You can start from 0.01 per line if you like, and choose how many of the scratch tickets lines you’ll play. You’ve got eight lines to select from on scratch games, and it means you’ve got eight chances of a win with one scratch games spin. It’s clearly a good one for lower pokies budgets. I generally stick to the low bets but the scratch game can take up to 5.00 per line if you like. It gives you more flexibility if you want it, for sure. A scratch card will be easy to play and it will bring memories of vacations to you as well! The colours and theme are strong and make the scratch cards appealing. They’re a scratchcard style of slots as well, since they work on paylines and the reels spin. Each type of transport pays out a different amount if your scratch games reveal the right number in the right combo. Three of each transportation are required for scratchies wins, but you’ll be able to win with two scatters as well. The scratch card scatter is the battered suitcase, so watch out!

Vacation Station is a pleasant and well made style of scratch tickets

You’ll enjoy the scratchies like I did because they’re well done and easy to grasp. They’re good for beginners too. Even though I had played a lot of times with other scratchcard events, I loved Vacation Station because it’s easy on the eye. Eight paylines is manageable too. Onlie pokies might vary from these but you’ll enjoy your time with Vacation Station on the scratch card sites that have it. Be sure you don’t miss out and have a go at the game now to see how you fare with it.

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