Call of Duty

Many people will know the famous Call of Duty game. But did you know you can play it as a scratch game now as well? The scratch games retain many of the features of the familiar game, and you’ll love playing it on the scratch tickets with the reels spinning. The Call of Duty scratchies are set up with lots of features worth considering:

  • Just 0.01 gets you started with a bet on any number of paylines
  • Call of Duty has twenty five lines in total to bet scratchcard wagers on
  • The scratch card has classic symbols from the game to watch for
  • Winning lines are easy to see as many of the symbols are animated
  • Enjoy the pokies like never before with the Call of Duty game screen

Call of Duty

It’s undoubtedly a different scratchies game but if you’ve played the actual game before the scratch game version will have familiar aspects to it. The game has translated well to the scratch tickets, giving you plenty to play for.

I found it easy to start with, as the basic rules are identical to many other slots styled scratch games. Your scratch game actually has no scratch parts to worry about – just choose your scratch card bets and spin! It couldn’t be easier to get started and see whether you’ve got the luck to bag any scratchcard prizes.

The info button on all scratchies is good to click on, because it reveals the pay table and information on the scratch games. You’ll enjoy the freedom of checking the rules throughout the game, if you need to get better acquainted at any point. I did it on several occasions and it’s the best way to play the scratch cards.

Call of Duty scratch cards are packed with explosive features

If you’ve never tried scratch cards like it before you’ll be taken aback by some of the features. Sometimes a soldier can appear and set off a grenade to explode some symbols! It took me by surprise but it also gave me a scratch card win afterwards, so watch out for it. The online pokie is amazingly brilliant and surprising at times.

Scratchies that are good to play are ones with different symbols and game play packed in. The onlie pokies can be found on scratch sites all over the place so just look for the Call of Duty name and you’ll be in for a great time. I’m glad I tripped over it and started playing it for some real entertainment online.

Play Call of Duty Now!

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