Beetle Bingo

I love different scratch games that aren’t like most other scratch cards you’ll see. Beetle Bingo is certainly one of the different scratch cards and that’s why I play it. It’s played in stages and it’s an easy to understand but quite involved online pokie game. Here are some of the reasons why I love the Beetle Bingo pokies:

  • Card values of all kinds up to £10 per scratch card
  • Press play and give the jar a shake to start releasing the beetles!
  • Beetle Bingo lives up to its name – once the beetles are out and the numbers are logged, scratch the panels and see if you’ve won
  • The leaves will reveal your lines and show you if your scratchies have been lucky
  • Easy to play scratchcard with great graphics to watch

Beetle Bingo

The first stage of the scratch games is to choose your card price. Then you can press play for a new scratch game. Watch the beetles drop out – you’ll see they all have numbers on them. They’ll be coloured in on the card to the right of the scratch cards. The next stage of the scratch tickets is to reveal what you’ve got on the scratch card panel in the middle. Under each strip you’ll see the scratchies winning amount for that line. Each number you’ve got will be circled.

So it’s one of the more complex scratch games but it’s easy to understand and play. A scratch game that’s too involved wouldn’t be popular, but the Beetle Bingo scratch cards are, so it’s got the balance right. I love the beetles dropping out of the jar and walking to the end of the line on the scratchies – it’s well animated and one of the best scratch game offerings I’ve seen.

Check out Beetle Bingo and try to get the right beetles to win on the scratch games

Scratchcard excitement comes in different ways. With Beetle Bingo the slow but steady nature of the game is great for ramping up the tension! It’s one of the good onlie pokies in my opinion.

Another thing worth bearing in mind is how long the game lasts for. If you’re on a smaller budget for scratchies you’ll be able to try the Beetle Bingo game for quite a while. There are smaller prices for cards too, so it’s good in more than one way. I’ve enjoyed the game and it’s exciting players on many scratch card sites. Will it be just as good for you too – I think it will!

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