Dolphin Reef

You’ve probably seen scratch games made to act as slots instead of proper scratch cards. Dolphin Reef is a classic example of a scratch game of that nature. I’m glad to say I’ve won some nice prizes on the Dolphin Reef pokies, so I think it’s worth a try as an alternative to other scratch tickets. Here’s what you can look forward to when you give the Dolphin Reef game a go as a scratch card:

  • Start playing Dolphin Reef by wagering as little as 0.02 per line you play
  • There are twenty five scratchies lines in total
  • You can play all the lines for as little as 0.50 a go!
  • Line up as few as two matching symbols on a payline to win the appropriate amount
  • Substitutes, scatter symbols and free spins are all on offer with the alternative to a normal scratchcard!

Dolphin Reef

The lines on the game show up clearly when you’ve got a winner. It’s a little different to scratch games but it works well and it’s a nice contrast to other scratch cards too. You can take a rest from scratch off parts and spin reels on the scratch game instead!

I started by reading the information included with the scratchies. All onlie pokies have rules so it’s good to understand the scratchcard by checking them first. You’ll see the online pokie has a substitute symbol which can replace others to increase your scratch cards winning line chances. Expanded wild symbols can also increase your chances of getting more prizes on the scratch game, which is good news.

Dolphin Reef takes you to the depths to try the scratchies as you’ve never seen them before

If you’re playing any scratch card as new, you’ll want to understand the scratch games rules. It’s easy to do it with Dolphin Reef, thanks to the layout of the game screen for scratchies. I’ve found the game on more than one of the scratch cards sites and they all have good rules to read so it’s a good thing to remember. Scratch tickets never all work in exactly the same way so even if you’ve seen a game similar to Dolphin Reef, don’t assume they’re all going to be identical. The better you understand the game the more exciting it will be to play and the better you’ll be at playing it.

Scratch cards are good enough on their own but the slots style of play is good too. I’ve been lucky to win several prizes on different lines with a single spin! You might be too!

Play Dolphin Reef Now!

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