Fair Play

Every scratch game should be based on an idea of fair play. It’s how we create scratch tickets and scratch card prizes for everyone to shoot for.
  • Any new scratchies game we have is given a set number of scratch cards prizes. When you play any scratchies or pokies game, you will have a one in three opportunity for your own scratch games to win. It applies to any of the onlie pokies prizes. The one in three scratch cards chance applies to the opening of any new scratch games.
  • Security reasons are why you cannot select any specific scratchies to play. You can choose a scratch card type but not a specific scratch cards game. It is security for the fact that you could discover the number for a scratch game that would win. You cannot select such a precise scratch game, only the name of the scratch games.
Everyone wins when a scratchies fair play policy is in place. The Scratch-cards.com.au website is delighted to welcome all players and winners. It is especially nice to find big scratch card winners! We hope we can all have a great time and enjoy the facilities of the website. Scratch-cards.com.au is dedicated to ensuring its customers are catered for in every way. Our scratchcard support team is here to help with online pokie questions all the time. Contact us whenever you need to, whether it’s about a scratchcard or another type of question about using the site. We pride ourselves on being among the top flight scratch cards sites around today. Click the contact us option to get in touch.

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