100m Champion

Do you love running? Do you love any kind of athletics? Do you love your scratch games and any kind of scratch card? Well if so, then you are absolutely going to love the scratch card 100M Champion. It is a fantastic scratch game that really has taken the world of scratchies by storm; this is scratch games at their very best!

100m Champion

If you doubt my (humble) opinion, then why not check it out for yourself? You too will be truly amazed by the whole feel and look of this scratch game. it has too many features to list, but here are the main ones:

  • Awesome jackpot of up to $100,000
  • You can vary your bets from a few cents to several dollars
  • Great atmosphere and graphics
  • Incredibly easy to play; even for the first time
  • You can play up to 8 cards in just one game for maximum thrills

I have to admit I have played the 8 cards in one game and it is a tremendous sensation. Because you just know that you have so many chances to win, it makes it feel like the odds are definitely with you. I definitely feel that this is about the best scratch card game that you are ever going to find and I love my scratch cards and am a bit of an expert!

Scratch Cards To Share With Mates

I love playing a scratch card or two by myself, but sometimes I want to have my mates round and we sit and play scratch games, mainly to see who can win the most! Sometimes we start off with online pokies, well we used to start off with an online pokie game, now we have left pokies in favour of 100m Champion scratch cards, that is how good they are!

I think that this scratchcard really benefits from some tremendous graphics and makes the whole world of scratch cards seem as if it has moved on so much from when we just had a basic scratchcard with no movement or sophisticated sounds.

I really do feel that the future of scratch cards sites will definitely lie in scratch games like this; gone will be the simple scratch tickets. Scratch tickets have definitely grown up! Scratch cards are now all about sophistication, good graphics, amazing sounds and they appeal to different senses as well. Who knows some day we may even have scented scratchies, now that is a thought! All the senses will soon be teased with scratch cards…..

Play 100m Champion Now!

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