Splash Cash

Sometimes it’s good to find scratch cards with a sense of humour! It’s a good description of the Splash Cash scratch game, as you’ll see when you try it yourself. It’s based on a very simple idea but it works beautifully and the scratch card is guaranteed to raise a smile too! Here’s what to expect from the Splash Cash scratchies game:

  • Choose one of the three characters you will see on the scratch cards
  • If you pick the wrong one you’ll see why the scratch game is called Splash Cash!
  • Pick the right one to win a prize and keep your character dry!
  • Play from 50p to £20 per go
  • The amount you wager on each of the scratch games determines how much you could potentially win

Splash Cash

Onlie pokies vary a lot in style and theme. But the reason I’ve played Splash Cash a lot is because it’s very different from the usual scratch cards you’ll see. You have a one in three chance of picking a winner every time you play a new scratchcard.

The game is simple. Once you’ve selected your scratch game price you can select a character to play with. The wall then comes towards your character and you’ll see the wall on the scratch games will have a hole in it. If your character is able to fit through the hole you’ll win! If it doesn’t your character will go into the drink and your scratchcard will lose. Then it’s time to buy a new online pokie card and you’ve got the chance to win again with the scratchies.

Splash Cash rewards you if your character stays dry – it’s one of the most unusual scratchies you’ll see!

You can play as many of the scratch tickets as you want and the good thing is you’ve only got to pay one price – the lowest one if you like – for every one of the scratch games you play. Splash Cash is always a popular addition to the scratch sites and once you’ve played the pokies game you’ll see why. A scratch card is only as good as the idea behind it, and the idea for the Splash Cash scratch card is a very good one.

Try one or two of the scratch tickets today to see what you think. As you will see, scratch cards are best when they’re good fun and Splash Cash certainly raises a smile whether you win or lose your game! Splash Cash is the best game ever.

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