Deal Or No Deal

Although there are lots of different types of scratch games, I think that the Deal Or No Deal scratch cards are simply the best and they are definitely the real deal when it comes to scratch cards. They are simply great.

Deal Or No Deal

There are lots of different priced scratch games, so you don’t even have to worry about spending a lot until you get used to the game and I love the way that the scratch card has some really special features. For example, why not check out:

  • 3 different chances to win a jackpot
  • You can bet high or low
  • Jackpot of up to $20,000
  • Set in a TV studio with some great graphics
  • Soundtrack is simply amazing; real sense of anticipation

Although I like the show Deal Or NO Deal, I wasn’t too sure about a scratch game based on the show; I tend to be quite traditional when it comes to a scratch card and I like to stick with the scratchies I know. But when I opened up the scratch card, I was simply amazed that you get three games all on the one scratch card, it is like 3 times the fun. Great stuff. Each scratch game is really simple to play, just like the best scratch tickets, but the scratch card also has some fabulous sounds and the setting looks just like a TV studio. I could feel my hands start to sweat a little with the sense of anticipation.

Scratchies For All

This is definitely a scratchcard that is for everyone, whether you are a little bit older, younger, a man or a woman etc. I play with my husband. We take turns so I play the first scratch game, then him, then me; then we see who has won the most money. (I think it is me!)

So unlike some scratch tickets that are definitely for either men or women, this is a scratch game for everyone. Because it is so easy to play it is also great for people who have never played scratch games before. My husband used to play online pokies and believe me he loved his pokies, but then he discovered Deal or No Deal scratchies on one of the scratch cards sites and he soon stopped the online pokie games and instead is firmly into his scratch cards.

I think scratch cards are just so instant and you get a real sense of the scratch card being really easy and quick. But it is about what you prefer really; but for my money I would check out the best of scratch games: Deal Or No Deal!

Play Deal Or No Deal Now!

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