Castle Slot

Scratch cards are enormous fun if they give you plenty of potential for winning each time you pick a new scratch card. It’s the reason why I love playing Castle Slot so much, because there are three machines to try each time you choose new scratch tickets. It means you’ve got as many as three chances to grab a prize with every scratch card. Here are some of the benefits you’ll notice when playing a Castle Slot scratchcard:

  • Choose any combination from one to three of the castle outbuildings to play with
  • Small bets of 10p and large bets of £10 available – see whether you win when the doors open!
  • Play as many scratch cards as you like with the Castle Slots – every third card on the site is a winner!
  • The scratch games are winners when you reveal three matching symbols behind the doors on a single machine
  • Click on the ‘bet one’ button once or twice to double or triple your bet on the scratch tickets – and double or triple the size of the prizes on the scratchies as well

Castle Slot

Scratch sites across the internet have the Castle Slot online pokie game for you to play. I’ve seen it among the scratch games at several places. Maybe you already play scratch cards at a site that has the scratch game?

The pokies game is easy to figure out because it has big purple buttons to control the game at the bottom of the screen. The cheapest bet is 10p if you only bet on one machine. But don’t forget you can click the ‘bet one’ button to the left side of the scratch game to increase the amount you bet by two or three times. Watch the table at the top right as you do so – it will show you what the potential prizes for increasing your scratch cards bet will be.

As you might expect, bags of gold is the best symbol you can get three of on the onlie pokies game. Scratch games like Castle Slot are good because they give you plenty of options to choose how big your prize could be if you won!

Castle Slot scratchies are great fun and have lots of potential for big prizes

I loved the scratchcard because it was fun. Scratch games that are easy to figure out are always the best! Castle Slot has been created with a good theme and good graphics, and the symbols on the scratchies are relevant too. Try the scratch card now!

Play Castle Slot Now!

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