Football Mania

Do you love sporty onlie pokies? Check out Football Mania scratch tickets for size. Scratch card enjoyment begins with trying it for fun, then moving on to playing the real scratchies for actual prizes! When you play Football Mania pokies, here’s what you’ll find out:

  • Card values of five sizes to suit all players of Football Mania!
  • Each scratchcard has six panels laid out like a football pitch
  • Scratch the prize panel and you’ll see what your scratch cards could win!
  • Match the symbol shown there to one of the six prize panels on the pitch
  • Click ‘scratch all’ for a quick reveal, and reveal the panels first if you like

Football Mania

The scratch games couldn’t be easier to get. The rules are labelled on the scratch cards and you’ll be able to choose the scratchies price you’re happy to play before you start. The bigger your scratch game ticket price is, the bigger the possible biggest scratch tickets prize will be. How high are you willing to go playing the scratch games called Football Mania?

I’m not a fan of football but I still enjoyed the ease of the scratch card game. I think beginners will love the scratchies and Football Mania could be a big hit with lots of online pokie players.

Scratch games that look good as well as being easy are among my favourite scratch cards. I’m in scratchcard heaven when I can play ones like these! Footie fans will enjoy Football Mania and the relevant scratch game symbols it uses. They keep it exciting and understandable and bring the love of the game to the scratch card.

Football Mania is one of the best scratch games that have a simple football theme today

If football is one of the world’s most popular games, it’s certainly made an excellent transition to the world of scratchies too! But it’s kept everyone happy because there is no need to know anything about football to enjoy playing and trying to win with the game. I’ve grabbed some great prizes on here, many small ones with one or two larger ones too. I’m still waiting for the jackpot but hopefully it will come to me soon!

I’ve also discovered that among the few good scratch cards sites I visit regularly, the game is on a few of them. So it’s always easy to access and enjoy, no matter what site you’re on. Try it out and see whether it hits the spot for you as well as me!

Play Football Mania Now!

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