Memory Madness

Some scratchies can seem very similar to others. But when you’re trying Memory Madness for the first time you’ll be prone to seeing scratch tickets in a whole new light. You see, the scratch games are superb and give you plenty of chances of a win for a low price in every game. Here’s how the game works when you play scratch cards on the Memory Madness game:

  • You can select from six or nine or twelve pairs of cards to play
  • Treat your budget to a low price of just 5p per wager!
  • Memory Madness can be played two ways – uncover the cards manually or click ‘show all’
  • Either way, matching symbols must have the same cash amounts for you to win that amount
  • Grab the chance to win several times on a single go with the scratch cards!

Memory Madness

It’s a wonderful scratchies game because of the memory aspect built into the scratch game. If you uncover all the scratch card panels manually it could last a while, and it makes the scratch game even more appealing. Some pokies don’t last long but Memory Madness does!

On my first attempt I wagered 5p per pair of scratchies cards and I bet on all twelve pairs on the onlie pokies. I ended up matching four pairs for a total win of 60p. It meant my scratch tickets bet came back in total for another go!

I’ve played plenty of scratch game types but Memory Madness stands out. Anyone looking for a scratch card with a difference will enjoy it. The scratchcard is worth playing several times, especially if you play the minimums on each scratchcard. You’ll find multiple wins are quite frequent as well, and that’s good news for scratch games players.

Memory Madness is an intriguing addition to the scratch games you’ll find online

Scratch games and scratchies of all kinds can be found online. But Memory Madness is a refreshing change on the online pokie scene. Scratch games can be repetitive but the game allows you to take more control over what you uncover and when. It’s certainly worth playing it several times over to see how the scratch cards appeal to you – and they surely will!

Check out the various scratch card sites you come across so you can see whether you have found the best game to use. You’ll probably agree that it’s a top game for anyone to play, so if it’s the case you’ll want to try it again for yourself as well. It’s a clear winner for me.

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