Super 7

Scratchies that are a combination of online pokies and pokies are somehow just aht little bit more special aren’t they? Somehow they simply combine to bring you the best of online pokie games and scratch cards together. Wow, wow, wow!

Super 7

I love that sense of pokies and scratch cards combined. Somehow it just feels special all you have to do is to get 3 matching symbols in a line to win. If you don’t believe me, then why not check out the scratch game and see the features that it has, such as:

  • A jackpot of up to $200,000 is offered; how fabulous is that?
  • There are a range of betting options, starting low and ending high
  • You still get to scratch off and reveal what prizes you have won
  • You have an autoplay feature so that you don’t have to click the button yourself
  • Really clear graphics, especially good if you can’t see too well!

This is a great scratch card for anyone who is fond of scratchies but who likes the thrill of pokies. I love the way that you have three different chances to win, which you only get with the best of scratch games. You are also able to vary your bets and if you just fancy playing this kind of scratch game for free then you can! If you are new to the world of scratch cards, then this could be a good idea!

A Great Scratch Game For Sharing

I like to play scratch tickets with my husband. We settle down with a glass of beer and simply check out some of the scratch sites, so that we can choose some of the newer or different scratch games that are around. Then we choose a scratch game and see which of us can win more money.

I like Super 7 scratch cards because I am really lucky and I always win more than my husband does. Sometimes it can be hard to find a scratchcard which we both like; it can feel as if you get a scratch card for guys or for the gals. But we want to get one that we can both enjoy and Super 7 really ticks that box.

I am grateful that the scratch cards sites have now realised that we like to socialise and share our scratchcard games, so they are now offering scratch tickets with a universal appeal! This is very much about scratch games that genuinely appeal to everyone and I really like that from scratch games!

Play Super 7 Now!

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