Gold Fever

Wow, when it comes to scratchies, you will find that no other scratch card can come close. This is about real big money, lots of great jackpots and a stunning set of scratch cards to play with. I am seriously impressed.

Gold Fever

If you like to try out new scratchies then why not check out Gold Fever? You will find that this is one of the best scratch cards around, because it has lots of special features, such as:

  • Up to a $20,000 jackpot
  • You get three different games for your money
  • The music and graphics are incredibly sophisticated
  • Really great chances of winning
  • Exceptionally easy to play

I have to admit that I am not all that good at picking up new scratch cards and how they work. So when I heard there were three scratch games on the one scratch card, I could feel my heart sink. But it is a really easy scratch card to play, so don’t worry.

Playing Gold Fever Scratch Cards

It is really easy to play this scratch game. You will find that there are three different scratch games on the card. First you play Game 1. You will have a winning scratchcard if you have 3 matching symbols all in a row. Next you can move on to Game 2. In this game you are revealing different symbols by scratching them off; if one of your symbols matches the winning symbol then you have won. Now you can go to Game 3. Here you need 3 numbers to match. Then you are probably a winner because this is a scratchcard that offers great odds of winning.

Now you may be thinking that this is not the kind of scratch game that you like to play, especially if you are someone who loves your online pokies and for you only pokies will do. Well I enjoy a game of online pokie, but I love Gold Fever. It feels like it is the best of scratch games because you get three chances to win. Now that is a really cool kind of scratch game isn’t it?

This is very much a scratch game that offers you the chance to win big, but also to have different scratch tickets for a really good price. In effect you get three different scratch tickets. Lots of scratch cards sites will probably start to have these kinds of scratch games, because they really are part of the golden age of scratchies and show how scratch cards will look in the future.

Play Gold Fever Now!

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