Super Chance

If you have not yet tried the Super Chance scratchies, then you really should. These are scratch cards that are simply the best and although based on a classic scratch game design, these scratch cards have been updated and now moved into the 21st Century. This is scratch card development at its very peak and I just love this scratch card so much; I want to tell everyone about it, so that everyone can get the thrill of playing one of the best scratch games around.

Super Chance

In fact, if you haven’t tried this scratchcard game , you really should check it out today. I love the way that the scratch card has so many different features to make it special. Check out:

  • The excellent range of jackpots
  • The way that you can bid high or low
  • You stop the wheel of fortune spinning so you control the game
  • You get the thrill of being in a realistic TV studio
  • You get roulette and a scratch type game combined

In fact I think the way that this game combines scratch cards with roulette is really clever. In a sense it is about taking the very best of a casino game and a classic scratch game and making sure that you win big and have some terrific fun on the way. That is one of the great aspects of scratch games, they really are about fun.

Scratch Cards Accessible To Everyone

Because you can buy these scratch tickets starting off at only a few cents, everyone can afford to play, so it is a definite scratchcard for everyone. But it is also about being attractive to men, women, younger people, more mature people, straight people, gay people and so on. Everyone, but everyone loves this kind of scratch game.

In fact I play Super Chance scratch tickets with a friend of mine. She comes over and we first of all have a few games of online pokie (well you wouldn’t want to give up your online pokies would you?) then we sit down with some wine and nuts, visit a few scratch sites, then we go to Super Chance (we save the best scratchies till last). Then we take turns to play and we have great fun shouting at each other to stop the wheel; but we always ignore each other! It is a great way to spend the evening and I really love it! It really is a type of scratch card heaven; far better than pokies!

I know that scratch games are always being improved, but I think this is one of the scratch games that needs no improvements and will continue to be a classic for a long time to come!

Play Super Chance Now!

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