Monaco Glamour

A spot of glamour could be coming your way with Monaco Glamour. The scratch cards are based on a slots idea and have plenty of glamorous symbols to set the scratch tickets mood. Here’s what you might expect to see and experience when playing the Monaco Glamour named scratch games:

  • A scratchcard with twenty lines worth playing on every spin
  • Monaco Glamour has the scratchies delight of multiple wins per go!
  • Online pokie sets the scene with casino symbols of all kinds
  • The wild 21 symbol can enhance your winning chances!
  • Watch out for the casino chips – three will set off the bonus round

Monaco Glamour

I’ve loved Monaco Glamour scratchies and I’ve got good reason to. My first attempt at playing scratch games saw me with the minimum bet on all twenty lines. It made my overall scratchcard bet £2. But when the reels stopped I’d won on three scratch cards lines – making my total win £3.40! It might seem like a small scratchies success but it got me hooked and I’ve won more pokies ever since.

Scratch game involvement is easy when you’re trying Monaco Glamour. The bonus round is always potentially there on the scratch game too. The scratch cards could bring you a bonus winning chance at any time. Every scratchies bonus is a winner so it’s worth watching for!

I’ve regularly received multiple winners on scratch cards too. With three or four lines winning on some occasions and a couple of winning lines on scratch games too elsewhere, it’s a good game to try out if you like the Monaco Glamour kind of appeal.

The scratch game by the name of Monaco Glamour certainly has a glamorous feel

A scratch card with a gloss and lure to it is always good to play. Just imagine experimenting with the multiple line format of Monaco Glamour and winning several times in one hit. It’s what happens with that style of scratchcard. It’s available to play for fun as well as for real money prizes on the scratchies. You can always try it free to start with as I did, to check out how it all works.

There’s no doubt it is more exciting when you know you’ve got the chance to win real prizes though. Can you think of what you’d do with onlie pokies prizes from the game? I’d play again if they were small but cash out if I’d got some big prizes from the game on scratch cards sites online. Why not make the decision yourself and play it now?

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