I’d heard of Keno before but I wasn’t sure what to make of it the first time I saw the scratchies. Some scratchies can be tough to get the hang of, but Keno is a great game and it’s easy to start playing the pokies as well. Keno packs in some great features when you play the scratchies, as you’ll see now:

  • You can play Keno from ten cents right up to five dollars
  • Pick ten numbers to start with
  • Play one or five games if you want to ramp up the scratch tickets fun!
  • Watch as the balls are released and see how many you match up
  • Stick with identical numbers or pick new ones with every onlie pokies


The Keno scratch game is a bit like bingo so if you like the bingo style scratch games you’ll love Keno just as much. You get to choose your own numbers with the Keno game though, so it’s a different scratch game experience.

I got going with some free scratch games to get used to the method of play. After just a couple of scratch cards I was able to play with real cash, as it’s simple to understand. The game board is simple and well laid out too, so the scratchies are good in that respect. It’s something that helps you play the scratch game all the time.

Once you click the play button on the scratch cards the game begins. A number of balls will drop out of the scratch card hole to the top right of your own scratch card. They will land in various numbers on the grid. You then see how many you have correctly matched. If your scratch tickets match enough of them you’ll win the appropriate prize. Needless to say if you match ten on your online pokie you’ll get the jackpot!

Keno is fast, easy and a great scratchies addition

It’s nice to find an easy game to play as a scratchcard. Some scratch games can take a while to get used to but Keno isn’t like that. The scratch card is simple and straightforward and allows you the chance to win progressively bigger prizes the more scratchcard numbers you can match.

If you have seen Keno on the scratch cards sites go back and give it a try today. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll probably enjoy it as much as I did as well.

Play Keno Now!

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