Knights Battle

Scratch cards are enormous fun and I really love that sense of scratchies being a really instant way of winning, but I also love scratchies that are just that little bit different and offer a new way of playing a scratch game and that is why I absolutely love Knights Battle. There are many exciting dimensions to this scratch game and you really should check out the way that this scratch game offers :

  • A combination of card game and scratch game
  • A great range of variable jackpots up to $200,000
  • You choose the level of play and how much you bet
  • Medieval ambience and graphics are stunning
  • Really different from a lot of traditional games

Knights Battle

I absolutely love this game. It is about medieval romance, and I love to see scratch games that are this sophisticated. The development of a new approach to a scratch card is fantastic. It is one of those scratch games that everyone should play. This is simply the best of all scratch games, much better than pokies so get yourself some scratch cards now.

Men Love Knights Battle Scratch Cards Too

Now if you think that this is one of those scratch games designed for girls only, then think again; this is about scratch games that are for both the guys and the girls. My boyfriend, who doesn’t like scratch cards if they are too romantic loves Knights Battle. He thinks that the way you battle the dealer to win, you have to march to the magnificent beat of the drums and the medieval music is simply great and he loves these scratch games, they are a firm favourite of his!

Each scratch card has a medieval map, combined with the sounds of a battle and the fighting the dealer, which means that they do appeal to the guys. However, I love them because there is a sense of romance about these type of scratch tickets. I wonder who thinks up such fabulous new scratchcard designs. Whoever they are, they are great because the detail of design on this scratchcard is simply stunning.

These scratch tickets come with an autoplay feature but believe me; it is far better fun to play these scratch card games by scratching off rather than autoplay. Go on, give it a go, you will love these fabulous scratch tickets. Who needs online pokies when you have games of this quality? So forget your online pokie games and welcome to the world of new scratch card games, available on scratch cards sites.

Play Knights Battle Now!

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