Cash Volcano

Scratch games such as Cash Volcano are extremely good fun and designed to be a quick and fun scratch card. This is one of the simplest scratch games and is easy to play. You have a total of 9 symbols on the scratch tickets, then you have to scratch off the 9 symbols. You match up 3 on the scratch card and you have won. Simple; these are simple scratch cards. That is why this is such a great scratch game. At first I wasn’t sure about Cash Volcano, simply because I play a lot of more complicated scratch games, scratch cards and also online pokies. But when I started to play I was incredibly impressed; it really does have a lot of features, so why not check out how cool these scratch tickets are, with features such as:
  • A range of betting options from very low to reasonable amounts
  • A different range of jackpots; up to 1,000 your bet: WOW
  • An autoplay feature so you don’t have to keep pressing the buttons
  • The ability to scratch off the symbols yourself using ‘scratch off’ facility
  • Incredibly easy to play time after time!
The ease of the scratch games like this is something that I particularly like. The symbols are shown in different colours, so if your eye sight is not all that good, then you can play these scratch cards really easily.

Scratchies For All Ages

Sometimes it can seem as if scratchies are designed either for the guys, or for the ladies, or for people under 30, but this is a scratch card for everyone, no matter what their age and I love that about this scratch game. It is definitely a scratchcard that you may want to play with your husband or with your wife if you are a male. You can both sit at the computer and decide which will be the winning symbols on your scratchcard; I love it! It is also a great scratch game if you are stuck for time. I am so busy that I have to find the odd five minutes here or there to play my scratch games. So Cash Volcano is great, I just buy a few scratch tickets from one of the scratch cards sites, I then play Cash Volcano and for a few minutes I am transported into a world where I just forget about everything apart from my scratch cards; it’s great! If you like your online pokie games then you will love this game; it is as quick as pokies and even better fun! Simple scratch games can be great fun!

Play Cash Volcano Now!

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