Moon Shine

If you like scratch games with a slots feel to them, you’ll enjoy the idea of Moon Shine scratch cards. They’re based on coins so your wins are transformed to credits after you’ve played your scratch game. I’ve found the following features exist on every Moon Shine scratchcard you play:

  • Free spins are available to a maximum of eighteen at a time!
  • The sheriff is a scatter symbol and the old lady with a gun is the wild symbol
  • Moon Shine uses a bonus system on its scratch cards as well
  • Go from 0.01 to 10 per bet, with 25 lines and a maximum of 5 coins per line
  • Winning lines on a scratch card are really easy to spot

Moon Shine

The game is based on people creating moon shine and trying to get away with it. The sheriff pops up on scratchies to try and catch them! The bonus symbol is a moon shine drink, so watch for it when you’re playing scratch cards.

The reels spin fast and the scratchies stop from left across to the right. Watch them to see whether any lines are winners. The scratch cards games use twenty five lines and it’s up to you if you want to play them all or not. But with as little as 0.01 per line to bet, it’s easy to afford them all.

Scratch tickets sometimes have more unusual themes and it’s true of Moon Shine. It uses cartoons to show the scratch games how they’re done. Yokels, tins of sardines and even pigs all appear on scratchies! It’s a fun and tongue in cheek kind of scratch game. Some people – me included – love pokies with a sense of humour, and Moon Shine has that online pokie humour to share.

Moon Shine is a top scratch card in my book, and the appeal of the scratchies is easy to see. It’s fun and entertaining and I’ve had some good paybacks with my scratch games. Will you have some with yours as well?

Moon Shine puts together a nice theme, great characters and a great background for its scratch cards

Amusing onlie pokies are great to play. They take the scratch tickets idea and turn it into something even more special. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything quite as amusing as Moon Shine, and it all stems from a great theme. The scratchcard would be highly recommended to anyone looking for good games on scratch card sites all over the internet.

Make sure you take a look for yourself and see whether it amuses you as well!

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