Derby Day

It’s rare to get five scratch cards in one. But it’s what you’ll get from the scratchies called Derby Day. It’s a horse racing scratch game but it’ll interest everyone, not just scratch games lovers who enjoy racing! Check out the Derby Day benefits when you play these scratch cards:

  • Five games to choose from and play
  • Choose your bet amounts and wins on every game in Derby Day
  • Wager anything between ten cents and twenty dollars per bet
  • Bet on winners, first and second place and much more on the scratchcard
  • Confirm your selections and start the race to see if you’ll win!

Derby Day

As you’ll see, Derby Day packs a lot into the scratch game. You’ll have some scratch games decisions to make first, regarding your bets and how much to wager. In that sense the scratch game is like real horse racing. It gives you lots of scratchies decisions to make and you could win more as a result.

I started by going through the five scratchies games one after the other. You’ve got Winner, Exacta, Place, and two others to choose from. You don’t have to try all the scratch cards races if you don’t want to – it’s up to you. The scratch games are yours to choose from and it all happens in one pokies screen. It’s easy to control in that way.

I found it hard to choose scratch tickets that focused on one particular game. The variations on the scratch cards are what make it exciting! The scratchies are great to play for a long while too, so check your scratch card budget first. I found it easier to play like that on my scratch card.

Derby Day is a real live scratchcard to remember

Some scratch tickets are way more memorable than others, and Derby Day is certainly very memorable. Online pokie couldn’t get much better, with five separate races and types of bet to place. It’s all the fun of horse racing online and on the onlie pokies!

Scratch cards sites all over the internet tend to have the Derby Day game on them, because it offers so much to the player. You don’t need to be a huge horse racing fan either. Provided you love involved games that offer you a lot to enjoy, you’ll be happy with the Derby Day addition to the online gaming scene. Try it now and play free for starters if you like!

Play Derby Day Now!

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