Although there are many scratch card sites now, I think that Betsson is a truly great way to find scratch cards, but also to have a different kind of scratch game if that is what you are in the mood for. There really is so much choice and it is fantastic to see so many different types of scratch cards, all under one roof. The site has many great features, with these being the top 5:

  • Really classic graphics
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Play at lots of different price levels
  • Various sections from classic to fantasy
  • Games load really quickly Preview


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One of the great things about this scratch card site is the sheer number of different types of scratch cards that you can play and instead of having to go and search through all the different types of scratch cards, all that you have to do is to check out the different sections. So if you really like fantasy scratch cards, then look through these. Or you may prefer casino scratch cards, or even slots scratch cards, well don’t worry they are all here and all available to play today.

Betsson Free Scratchcards

Until you discover which of the scratch cards you really like best then you get $100 of free scratchcards, so that you can play for nothing and have a really great time just checking out different types of scratch cards. I really like that because it means you get to check them out for free and then if you prefer others, you haven’t lost any money.

The online scratch cards at Betsson are very much advanced from some of the basic scratch card sites. I like this, because it shows that they have taken their online scratch cards seriously and have obviously spent quite a few dollars getting them all up and running with such ease. The graphics really do complement this scratch site and in some ways when you look at the site it is hard to remember that only a few years ago, online scratchcards were very much in their infancy and if you were lucky all you got was online pokies. Now scratch cards have certainly grown up and no where can this be seen more clearly than at Betsson.

So if you want a really tremendous range of scratch cards, at various prices and with various prizes, look no further than the terrific Betsson; it will give you hours of joy and many happy hours playing scratch cards.

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