Crazy Fruits

Crazy Fruits are a great type of scratch game. I would go as far as to say that these are scratch cards at their best. I know that there are lots of different types of scratchies around, but you know what? I love my traditional scratchies, you can keep your new scratch games, for me it has to be scratch cards like Crazy Fruits!

Crazy Fruits

I love that feeling of getting the scratch cards and then scratching off and finding out that you have won! But I love the traditional look of the scratch cards as well. Why don’t you check out the way that:

  • Some really cute graphics (check out the tomato…)
  • Really simple to learn how to play
  • Great audio features
  • A great bonus option o make the fun go further
  • Inexpensive cards with different prizes up for grabs

Scratch games really don’t get much better than Crazy Fruits. I love the way that scratch games give you a real sense of fun. Some of the new scratch card games or even some of the scratch card sites are extremely complex in terms of learning how to play them. But with scratch games like Crazy Fruits, what you see is what you get and it doesn’t get much better than this. This is scratchcard heaven I feel.

Crazy Fruits: Crazy Scratch Card Fun For All

Crazy Fruits are a great tonic for anyone who wants to have scratch card fun and it is really ace that it is for everyone not just for either the guys or the girls, this is about crazy fun for everyone and I love that aspect to these scratch tickets.

They are also really great if you can’t see too well; the graphics are bright and simple and you can see clearly which of the fruits you can scratch off, so it is really clear and accessible.

I also love the fact that the scratchcard has such big symbols. If you play online pokies then you are often looking at symbols that are quite small and it can be tiring on the eyes. But if you play a scratch game with a scratchcard like Crazy Fruits, you will find that it is really easy to see all the graphics.

Some friends of mine tend to play online pokie, but when they need a break from pokies, they turn to a scratch game like Crazy Fruits, to give themselves a break! So get some scratch tickets today and have some good old fashioned fun with this crazy scratch game.

Play Crazy Fruits Now!

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