Wow, when I discovered the scratch game Roulette, it was kind of like landing in scratch card heaven. I love scratchies of all different kinds, but I believe that Roulette is one of the best scratchies that you will find. It’s a great scratchcard that is just that little bit different. If like me, you enjoy playing scratch games of all different kinds, then you’ll love Roulette. Just take a look at:

  • Great choices for how to bet; from low to high
  • Fantastic jackpots up to $100,000
  • All the fun of the casino from home
  • Lots of different ways to play
  • Classy graphics and excellent audio features


The joy of Roulette is that it is very much like a casino game, but like any scratch game, it gives you a sense of control and being able to choose where your luck will be. It is about you choosing from low scratch tickets with a low jackpot, to expensive scratch tickets that will get you into mega jackpot prizes.

This scratchcard is just like the classic Roulette; you choose where the ball is going to land and then see if Lady Luck is visiting you today. This is a scratch card of luck combined with that feeling that you know that the numbers will be red (or is that black?)

Roulette is perhaps the most glamorous of casino games and when it comes to scratchies, Roulette does not disappoint. It is very much about the glamour of the casino with you very much at the centre of the scratch game!

Scratch Cards For A New Age

Roulette scratchies are very much about scratch cards for a new and pretty sophisticated age. We all live busy lives and who has time to go to the casino? Well now you have all the fun of scratch games at a time that is convenient to you. That is why I love scratch cards. It is about playing scratch games when I want to and spending as much or as little as I like.

I know that some people think that Roulette is a bit like online pokies, but I think Roulette is still more like scratch cards than pokies. But on the other hand, if you prefer online pokie to scratch cards, then this is the perfect combination for you! So get yourself to one of the many scratch cards sites, get some Roulette scratch cards and simply have the best fun ever and for what it’s worth, I think that black is luckier than red….

Play Roulette Now!

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