There are scratch games you remember and other scratch tickets you may not do. But Fantasia is simply beautiful and a wonderful addition to scratch games all over the place. The scratchies are easy to play and simply delightful too, so let’s see what they have in store. Here are the main features of the scratch card by the name of Fantasia:

  • Different fairytale symbols live on the Fantasia theme
  • Treasure chests count as the wild cards on the scratch tickets
  • Scratch cards have nine lines in total and you can bet on as many of them as you wish
  • Scatter symbols act as multipliers to increase any winning scratch card lines
  • Great images and graphics lend a beauty to the whole game!


When you like pokies you’ll appreciate a good game like Fantasia. Online pokie examples aren’t always as good as Fantasia. The scratch game actually doesn’t require any scratch off methods at all. You’ll spin the reels on the scratchies instead.

An online scratch game with finely detailed images is superb to play. Some scratch game examples rely more on cartoon images but Fantasia doesn’t. Each image and graphic is so finely detailed you’ll be looking at them closely every time you play scratchies!

The scratch games have a paytable to click on whenever you’re playing the onlie pokies. If it’s your first time trying out the scratchcard take a look before doing anything else. It’ll reveal scratch card prizes to be won by matching specific symbols in certain numbers. It’s easy to get the scratch cards layout when you look at it, so do it first before playing for real.

Fantasia is a memorable addition to the scratchies world

My first experiment with the scratch games Fantasia was to bet 10p on every one of the nine lines on the scratch cards. By doing it I could be sure I had all the lines covered and I managed to win on no less than three of them! Needless for me to say I was shocked and surprised. I only won £2 but I’d made back double my initial bet so I was really pleased with it. I can only hope my luck continues as I play on with Fantasia and try to get bigger wins in future!

It’s a good sign that the game is well worth playing though. With several options to consider, lots of ideas worth thinking about with regard to the size of your bet and so on, you’ll love the game you’ll find on scratch card sites.

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