Golden Tour

Scratch games sometimes pick sporting themes to play with, and you’ll see it’s the case with Golden Tour. It’s golf we’re focused on here, and scratch cards can never be better than when they’re based on a good game. Golden Tour features plenty of superb special features and symbols, as you’ll see from my scratchcard rundown:

  • Wagers for every budget – play scratchies from 0.01 to a maximum of 5.00 on a line
  • Golden Tour brings in lots of familiar golfing symbols like golf shoes, buggies and golf balls!
  • The scratch tickets all have five paylines to play with
  • Look for the two yellow balls as a symbol – they can pay out big!
  • Just two of some of the lower symbols can achieve you a payout

Golden Tour

I was impressed by the features packed into the scratchies, even before I’d given them a go. New scratch games can feel strange to try, but they’re definitely worth it. My scratch game here was excellent to try and I won on the first go! The symbols can pay from the right as well, as I got two beers from that side of my own scratch game. It was a nice scratchies start to be sure, and I continued from there.

You don’t need to love golf to love the pokies version either. I’m not a fan but the Golden Tour scratch games are well designed and realised to attract everyone’s attention. Scratch cards do well when they pick sports to focus on for onlie pokies, it seems!

Other scratch card bets I placed won prizes too, although of course you shouldn’t expect every scratch game bet to win. Golden Tour is pleasant to look at, and it is more detailed than some scratch games can be. Scratch cards that win have circles around the symbols, so you’ll see where you’ve got lucky.

The reels stop on a scratch card from left to right so you’ll follow them along easily. I found it tricky to stop playing my scratchies to be honest, as I had a nice budget and could play from 0.05 for the whole scratchcard!

Golden Tour packs in plenty of potential wins and it’s the best scratch tickets fun

If you are a fan of golf you should definitely try out the game, but even if you aren’t and you feel a little dubious, make sure the online pokie is on your list of things to do.

Plenty of scratch sites do have it, so it’s not hard to get hold of a chance to play it.

Play Golden Tour Now!

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