The Lost Maya

Do you dream of exploring secret chambers and unlocking the doors to hidden treasure? Well if so then you will love the scratch game The Lost Maya. This is definitely one of the best scratchies that you are going to come across. In fact it is scratchies that are designed for those who love exploration and excitement. A great scratchcard at a great price.

The Lost Maya

This scratch card really is quite different and it has been very cleverly designed. You really should take a look at some of the excellent features on the scratchcard, such as:

  • It is really simple to play, you pick a door to unlock
  • The golden medallion and secret chambers are great graphics
  • There is a real fun element of clicking on a statue to see if you have won
  • You can bet high or low; the choice is yours; fantastic jackpots
  • The magical air is enhanced by some great sound effects

These elements all combine to create a scratch card that is just so very different and is excellent fun. I really love it. This is very much about the next age of scratch cards and scratch games: they are now much more sophisticated and complex.

If you love your scratch cards to be that little bit different, then this is the scratch card for you. You really will love all the graphics, sounds and the mystical feel. It feels like each new scratch game has entered a new dawn.

Lost Maya: Scratch Cards For All Kinds Of Explorers

One really great thing about the new breed to scratch games is that they are becoming much more accessible to everyone. So it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, if you are into online pokies as a rule, or don’t play any online pokie, or maybe you are new to the world of scratch games, it really doesn’t matter. The new type of scratch sites are bringing us new scratch games that really have a universal appeal with scratch tickets that are clever and modern.

That means that anyone, so long as they are old enough to play an online scratch game, can go online and get some great scratch cards that are really affordable and really fun to play and The Lost Maya offers this high quality in a scratch card. I think they are great. So get yourself some scratch cards today, have fun with the scratch tickets and think about how far we have come since all we had was pokies! There is now a scratch game for everyone.

Play The Lost Maya Now!

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