Christmas Present

Christmas may only come around once every year, but the Christmas Present pokies could be with you on a daily basis. I love the festive season and the scratch cards have a great game in store for you here, that’s for sure! The Christmas Present game features lots of nice aspects on its scratch cards:

  • Fun and festive colours are splashed across the entire scratchcard
  • Stake from as little as 0.25 to play Christmas Present
  • Nine presents are featured on every online pokie
  • Reveal three the same and you win whatever amount is indicated underneath!
  • Candy canes, Father Christmas, Rudolph and holly are all there to find

Christmas Present

There’s no doubting the festive theme on these scratch games. It’s the best way to get in the Christmas mood but you’ll find the scratchies around all year too. The scratch cards are beautifully drawn and designed, and they have a cartoonish theme to them too.

Santa is climbing into a chimney on the left of the scratch game, and the right side has a grid with nine gifts in it. You just have to find three matching ones to get the scratch tickets to pay out to you.

My first scratchies game was for the lowest bet, and in fact I love a scratch game that’s easy to play like that. Most scratch tickets enable you to choose from several amounts and Christmas Present is no different. It means that whatever scratch game budget you’ll have, you can play the scratch games quite happily indeed. The top scratchies wager is 10.00,which gives you a chance to win back 2,000 if you’re lucky with a scratch card!

Christmas Present brings festive joy into scratch cards players’ homes!

A scratchcard that’s well realised and has a range of prizes is always good to try. Christmas Present gets both things right too. Any scratch card could be a big prize winner, and there are plenty of smaller prizes too. For example Santa pays out a big prize on your scratchies – but only if you find three of them of course!

The top of the scratch games also tells you clearly what your balance is, what you are betting and whether any prizes have been won for the game. It makes a good entry to onlie pokies all around the net, since lots of scratch sites have the game to play all year. Grab a slice of Christmas fun now with the Christmas Present game, and see if you can find some matching symbols to unlock some super prizes for the festive season to come!

Play Christmas Present Now!

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