With so many scratch card and scratch card type games to choose from at 888ladies, you are in for a real treat. It does have an emphasis on being for ladies, but there is something cheekily for everyone about it. I think that the guys do sneak in and have a go on the scratch cards when we don’t know about it. After all, scratch cards do appeal to both men and women. But the site is great fun, with some really cute features, here are the top 5:

  • Incredibly easy to play
  • Extremely easy to join
  • Loyalty points
  • Excellent instructions on games
  • Some cute takes on traditional games

Many people think that 888ladies is just about online bingo, but that just isn’t so, there are lots and lots of different scratch games that you can play. There are even some instant wins, which are like online scratch cards, but just slightly different.

Free Scratch Cards Play at 888ladies

You need to register before you can play at 888ladies, but when you do start, then you will get $10 to spend as you wish, so you can either play bingo or you can opt for online scratch cards and in effect this gives you $10 worth of free scratch cards. I found that the money lasts for what feels like forever, so it is a great way of welcoming you to the site, so enjoy your free gift.

The loyalty points on this scratch site are also great. I feel sometimes that when you play online scratch cards, it is great to win but it is even better if someone thanks you for playing and that is what the loyalty points give you. It is a really nice touch.

Some of the scratch card games that you can play are described as instant wins, and they are a little bit different from standard online scratch cards, but on the other hand, they still give you that instant buzz, without you having to hang around for ages to see if you have won anything. I love that! I know with online pokies you also get a sense of thrill and instant excitement, but I think the scratch cards beat online pokie simply because it feels like you have more control over the games, but if online pokie is your thing you will also find it here. The choice is great and there is a real community feel to the site, wherever you are. It isn’t exclusively a scratch card site but it is fantastic fun!

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