Noughts & Crosses

If you love your scratchies then you are going to love Noughts and Crosses scratch cards; they are simple, but tremendous fun. Although you can get some scratch cards that are much more complicated and take longer to play, sometimes it is nice to get back to basics and that is why l love this scratch game.

Noughts and Crosses

You may have played similar scratch games before, but there is a real sense of fun with this scratch card. Why don’t you take a look at some of the features of this scratch game, such as:

  • Low jackpots help you to win more often
  • You can bet high or low, depending on your mood
  • An incredibly easy game to play
  • You can fit games in when you have only a few minutes to spend
  • Colours are really bright and clear

I love all different kinds of scratch games, just to ring the changes and that is why Noughts and Crosses are such a great kind of scratch card. This is a really straightforward, quick and simple scratch card. It is pure old fashioned fun with some great little prizes! You match up either 3 Os or 3xs: simple!

Simple Scratch Cards Are Fantastic Fun

Some scratch games that have really complicated rules and huge jackpots are great fun, but they tend to be more about the winning a big sum of money than just having fun with a scratch card. Now I like to play scratch games depending on what mood I am in. Sometimes I want a simple scratch card and that is when I would play this scratchcard, but at other times I want scratch cards that are really serious or have a casino feel, in which case I would play another type of scratch game.

But I do think that having smaller jackpots means that you win more often. Of course this could be wrong, but I think that scratch games, or online pokie games that have a big jackpot, don’t let you win as often. So if you enjoy winning then this is the scratchcard for you.

As scratch games go it is great fun and a little like online pokie. Pokies are great fun and they are very simple and these are really simple scratch tickets that will give you hours of fun. So although some of the scratch cards sites that only have big jackpot scratch games may not have these scratch tickets they are readily available. So give them a go today!

Play Noughts & Crosses Now!

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