Hopa is often referred to as being the home of scratchcards, but in some ways it would be better to describe it as scratch card heaven, because if you love online scratch games, then you will love Hopa. It will be like a marriage made in heaven. The site has some really classic features so you may want to check them out:

  • Games for both men and women
  • Every 3rd card wins
  • Excellent prizes with mega jackpots around
  • Superb graphics
  • Really fantastic range of cards

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More about Hopa.com

That is why so many people, me included, simply love Hopa. I think that it’s great and that it is a real opportunity to see the latest in online scratch cards. The range is just so vast, it would take forever to check them out.

You can check a lot of the free scratch cards, because you get $200 dollars free play when you register, so you can have a great time playing with your free scratch cards and no need to worry about the cost. Then when you have decided which you really like, then you can play them for real.

Hopa Brings Scratch Cards To Everyone

The great thing about this scratch card site is that it isn’t just designed for women. No it is designed for everyone, no matter where they come from and whether they are a man or a woman. That is really special, because sometimes you hear a lot of hype about some scratch card sites, then when you log on they are all for the ladies and there is nothing for us poor guys at all. That is why the scratch cards on offer here make such a refreshing change and are such great fun as well.

In fact, ladies should perhaps think about having a go at some of the Goal Kick games although the men may not like some of the girlie scratch cards that are on offer. If you are a traditionalist and cannot bear to give up your online pokie, then don’t worry you can find online pokies games here too!

So for all your needs from online scratch cards, look no further than Hopa. It really is online scratch card heaven and you will be delighted when you scratch off a winning combination and since every 3rd scratch card wins, well you are definitely going to win aren’t you? Mmm what a lovely thought that is, so just check out Hopa scratch card heaven for a really great time!

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