Fixed Odds Slots

If you’re after a different kind of scratchies experience, I might have just the thing. Fixed Odds Slots gives you an idea of what kind of scratch game we’re talking about. It’s a scratch game with a difference, and you decide the bets you want to place before you spin the scratchies reels. Fixed Odds Slots benefits from the following types of scratch games features:

  • Check the paytable above the scratch games to check the potential prizes
  • See what each combination of symbols could win as a multiple prize
  • Play Fixed Odds Slots and choose each bet wisely!
  • Your scratch card could win more if you bet more
  • An easy single screen scratch card that’s exciting to play

Fixed Odds Slots

The very first attempt I had at playing Fixed Odds Slots was when I bet 0.10 on every possible combination. Luckily I came up trumps with my first scratchcard and found three crowns to win a hundred times my scratchies bet! It’s the best start and I played on for a short while to grab some smaller scratch games wins too.

Of course you can’t guarantee to win the top prize with your scratch cards, but it’s good to try and good to see whether you can wager successfully. Fixed Odds Slots also puts you in control of your scratch cards budget. If you click on the plus or minus buttons you can adjust the level of the scratch game bet you’re happy to go with. It makes it easy to play the scratchcard and adjust your betting for each spin if you like.

As you do you’ll see your possible bet window change on every scratchies. It’s good to see the potential wins and they’ll be clearly marked when a pokies game does win. I love the Fixed Odds Slots scratch tickets and I’ll be going back again to try them for more times as well.

Fixed Odds Slots are different but worth playing if you’re looking for unusual scratchies

Some scratch games have fixed bets you have to use, while others have limitations. The scratch card I’ve picked here really puts you in control. Just one 0.10 bet is all it takes to start, and you can bet more if you like too.

It’s online pokie fun at its best, and scratch card entertainment will keep you going when you try Fixed Odds Slots. Find the onlie pokies on scratch sites and see if you’ll find it a top favourite game, just as it was for me. I’m glad I found it for sure!

Play Fixed Odds Slots Now!

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