Macau Nights

I love scratch card with huge top wins available to try for. Macau Nights has a prize just like it, with a million credits on offer for the right scratchies combination! It’s a simple flat rate bet that’s easy to go for on the online pokie game. Will you want to try it for size? To get you in the mood, here’s the lowdown on the Macau Nights potential scratchies winner:

  • One simple bet – £1 a go on Macau Nights!
  • Three fiery dragon heads in a row wins you the huge first prize
  • Bet one, two or even three on the single line scratchcard
  • Will you be brave enough to bet three and take a chance at the million credit prize?
  • Three reels and one appearance of cherries wins a guaranteed prize!

Macau Nights

You’ll see that Macau Nights is an attractive game because of the size of the biggest scratch games prize. Who wouldn’t want to say they’d won a million on the scratch tickets? It’s split though and it gives you a couple of scratch card choices. You’ll be able to get over £5,500 every month for the next fifteen years if your scratch cards win. Alternatively opt for the quarter of a million alternative for your winning scratch game if you’re lucky to get it. Isn’t it a great choice to have though!

I’ve tried out the scratchies and they’re good simple pokies with a tempting major prize. Of course the odds get longer as you play the scratch games to get the bigger prizes. But there are countless smaller scratch tickets wins available too.

Get in the mood for Macau Nights on the scratch cards

Why not? It’s a famous scratchcard and it’s easy to tell why. Onlie pokies are never better than when they tempt you with scratch game fortunes like that. A top scratch game will always be luring you to play for big winnings.

I’ve added Macau Nights to my best scratchies list. I’m happy to play a pound a go on scratch games with such good prizes. I triple up for a shot at the big scratch cards win too when my budget allows it. Sometimes it can feel odd betting more, but if you’re not used to it look to your budget to guide you. Macau Nights is a good play and a superb entry to the scratch cards sites around. It’s a scratch card that’s set to stay for a good while yet!

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