Road Racing

If you love getting behind the wheel of a car you’ll enjoy the prospect of playing the pokies called Road Racing. As the title of the scratch games suggests, you’ll soon be challenged to a race for a scratch game prize! Here are the reasons I’ve loved playing every game of Road Racing I’ve tried on the scratch cards:

  • Amazingly cheap scratchies to start with – just 25p gets you a game!
  • Play from one to four pairs on every one of the scratch cards you play
  • Click on play to see the click command appear on each half of every playable panel on the scratch card
  • Two cars will be revealed on the panels of each scratch games pair you’re playing
  • Match the two cars on the Road Racing panel and you’ve won the amount revealed underneath!

Road Racing

Road Racing is undoubtedly a superb theme to work with on a scratchcard. You’ll see the scratchies are set up to make you feel as if you’re sitting in the driving seat. You’ll see four sets of pairs on the onlie pokies and you’ve got to choose what you want to play with. There are six price points for the scratch cards so you’ve got a nice selection. I’d remember to multiply the price by the number of pairs I’d play too, so 25p on a pair would mean £1 for the entire scratch card game. It’s easy to figure out the scratch games with Road Racing!

Your chosen scratch cards pairs are lit up in pink around the edges. When you hit play and scratch off the panels you’re playing with on the scratch game you’ll reveal a car behind each panel. Will you get a matching pair though?

Matching pairs win great prizes with the scratchies known to all as Road Racing

I didn’t win with my first go on the online pokie but it didn’t take long to start mounting up some wins. The great thing is I can pick pairs on my scratch games to suit my budget. If I’m short on cash I’ll go for 25p per pair and play maybe one at a time on my scratchcard. You’ve got so many options and permutations of play on the Road Racing game scratch card that you’ll love it. It’s what good scratchies are about – scratch tickets should be exciting and lively too. Scratch site internet wide have the Road Racing game for you to try out, so check it out now and see whether you can race to a great prize!

Play Road Racing Now!

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