Scratch N Roll

There is a huge wave of excitement in the world of online scratch cards, namely Scratch N Roll. Anyone who loves scratch cards but also loves the excitement that comes with a casino and the thrill of the roll of the dice, simply loves these scratch games; they are truly the best scratch cards out there. So do not be fooled, this is definitely the best of all the scratchies !

Scratch N Roll

If you are wondering just why these scratch cards are so extremely good, then you should check out the scratchcard today because it really does have some special features. You should check out:

  • 3 different chances to win a prize
  • Fabulous jackpot of up to $10,000
  • A great combination of rolling the dice and traditional scratch card
  • Incredibly easy to play; even for the first time
  • Really exciting graphics and soundcard

All these features combine to make this an incredibly good scratch game. I love the way that you get three different chances to win and I love that sense of rolling the dice; it really does feel as if you are in a casino and have all that excitement, all that sense of there being a jackpot waiting just for you!

For me there is nothing like my scratch cards. I am afraid I just love my scratch games and for me there is nothing better, so when I saw these scratchi cards on a scratch site, I wanted to try them only because they were a new scratch card; I didn’t think about the dice. But wow, when I played it, it really blew me away; 3 different games, 3 rolls of the dice. Wow and Wow again; this is the ace of scratch games.

Universal Scratch Card Appeal

Now you may read scratchi card reviews that tell you that each scratchcard is the best type of scratch game, but have no fear, this is the best one. Once you try it I am pretty sure that you will love it. Ok some people love their online pokie games, but for me, there is nothing like the Scratch N Roll scratch games, these scratch tickets are just ace. So no more online pokies for me, I have dumped pokies and now just play the best scratch games ever; namely the scratch tickets you get with Scratch N Roll!

If you are fussy about your scratch cards and only want the best scratch game on the market, then check out the Scratch N Roll today!

Play Scratch N Roll Now!

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