Egyptian Magic

Scratchies are simply great fun, but scratch games have now become much more sophisticated than they used to be and nowhere is this more evident than with the scratch game, Egyptian Magic. This really is a mystical, magical game that will enable you to feel as if you have been transported to ancient Egypt and who knows if Cleopatra will appear at any moment?

Egyptian Magic

It is a really easy scratch game to play; you can simply match up 3 of the very special symbols and you win. But this scratch card has so much more to offer than mere scratching off; this is a scratch card that offers you:

  • A fabulous jackpot of $100,000: WOW !
  • Variable jackpots if you bet low
  • It can be played in a matter of seconds, so you don’t spend ages learning how to play
  • There are some fabulous graphics
  • The sound track is really special and very different

These make Egyptian Magic just that little bit special and better than many other scratch games. I think it is a lot more sophisticated than some of the other scratch cards, especially ones that have scratch tickets that are quite like online pokies.

Scratchies For Both Guys and Gals

These scratch cards are perfect for either guys or the ladies. It also doesn’t matter how old you are; so long as you are old enough to play scratch games, you will love these scratch cards; they really are great for people of all ages.

Sometimes I really feel like some of the scratchcard designers think that scratchcard games should either be for men, for women or for people who are under 30 and so on. But sometimes it is great to have scratch cards that are for everyone, so no matter how old or young you are, you can have fun with the Egyptian Magic scratch tickets.

Well done to those scratch cards site designers who have finally picked up on the fact that we may actually want to play scratch cards with our mums, with our aunties or even with our children (if old enough obviously!) so we don’t want a scratch card that is only for the young or only for the more mature. We also want more than online pokies and scratch games such as Egyptian Magic give us the scratch games we want! So it is great to have more choice than just traditional pokies (good as online pokie is) as well as standard scratch games. These Egyptian Magic scratchies are the real deal!

Play Egyptian Magic Now!

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