Cash Farm

Although there are many different types of scratch cards there are few that are such fantastic fun as Cash Farm. It really makes you feel like you are on a farm and having a really good time. It is one of those scratch games that just makes you smile and lifts your mood. You just log into the scratchcard and you know that you are going to have fun. There are so many fun features on this scratch card site, for example:

  • A fantastic cash jackpot available
  • Really fun graphics
  • Incredibly cute animals
  • A real country feel to it
  • Great sound

Cash Farm

The graphics cannot help but make you smile. In amongst all the animals, there are some cowgirls to be seen as well and they look really cute. The tractor that comes powering up, telling you how much you have won is a real treat and the people who designed these scratch cards, definitely knew how to pick something that would make you smile.

I really liked the way that you can win different amounts each time and it is really easy to learn how to play it. It is the kind of game that you can play once, twice or twenty times, it is fantastic fun, but if time is short, you can just play a couple of times before you rush out.

A Fun Scratch card with a difference

The really cute thing about these scratch cards is that they don’t take themselves too seriously, it really is about having fun. You get to choose the barn that you play from, each barn is a scratchcard and you get to choose which of the scratch cards you play.

It really is one of those scratch games that has been designed purely to have fun with. I introduced a friend of mine to it and although she is quite new to the world of online scratch cards, (unlike me, I have been playing online scratch cards for forever) and she found it incredibly easy to play. She usually plays online pokies, so this was quite a change for her, but I have to say that she is, like me, definitely a big fan of Cash Farm online scratch cards. Now we both just love to get down to that farm, have a bit of fun and scratch off the doors to the barn so that we can have a ball and hopefully win one of those fantastic jackpot prizes that keep rolling along on the tractor!

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