Summer Fun

We all know that too much time in the sun is not good, but we all love the sun, don’t we? So I just love Summer Fun scratchies. They are fantastic fun and a way in which we can all enjoy the sun for a little bit longer, without having to worry. A really clever scratch card!

Summer Fun

I also like the features of this scratchcard. It is really simple all you have to do is to spin the wheel and then if you match up three symbols then you have a lucky scratch card and you win a jackpot. Check out the features that this scratch game has, such as:

  • Variable jackpots offering up to $200,000
  • You can bet high or low, depending on how lucky you feel
  • The graphics are really clever, with not just the sun and a pool, but cocktails too
  • Music is extremely good and really sums up the atmosphere of the summer
  • You only have to match up 3 symbols, so very easy to play!

These features combine to make this one of the best scratch cards around. I think it is great. It is really good when you just want to forget about everything and switch off. I love just taking time out with my scratch cards and that is why scratch cards such as Summer Fun appeal so much.

Simple Summer Fun For All With Scratchies

I also think that the simplicity of this scratchcard is the reason why it is one of the most popular scratch cards around. Not everyone wants to play really complicated scratch cards; instead we want to play scratch games that suit our moods and this card for me has some of the elements of online pokies, because as in online pokie games you get to press the spin button. But this scratch game has more atmosphere than pokies. For me that is always the sign of clever scratch tickets: the scratch tickets make everything look simple; now that is clever.

Scratch games have become incredibly popular over the last few years and these scratch games are becoming more and more sophisticated. Certainly this scratch game is sophisticated in terms of graphics and style, but it is so simple to play. In fact that is the appeal of this scratch card and why I think it is one of the cleverest scratch games around! These scratch cards sites really are becoming chic, clever and extremely sophisticated.

Play Summer Fun Now!

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