I always love a scratch game that has lots of captivating symbols to watch for. Kathmandu brings the whole idea of a good scratch cards design vividly to life. You’ll see a scratch game can be even better to play when the main symbols are key to the theme of the pokies. Kathmandu has lots of great features for a scratchcard, as the following reveals:

  • The scratch tickets are all based around Kathmandu
  • Maps, produce, elephants and much more as well are all included
  • Play from just 0.01 Aussie dollars on the scratchcard
  • Nine lines can be played at the most
  • Bet from one to twenty coins on each enabled online pokie pay line


It’s worth starting out by having a free scratch game or two if you like. It’s good because you’ll figure out the buttons at the bottom of the game. The scratch card games use coins to work, so Kathmandu needs to be figured out before you start playing in reality.

I worked out that by default it starts with a higher coin amount than the scratch games minimum. Use the plus and minus buttons to select your scratch games amount to play with. It will also bet twenty coins per line if you don’t adjust it – I tend to bet all the lines but just use one or two coins per line each time. It makes the scratchies budget I have much longer lasting!

The scratchies are pleasurable to play for sure. You’ll see two buttons on each scratchies saying ‘view payout’. They access the scratch cards paytable for you. In between them you’ll also see the number of coins you win if your scratch card gets lucky at any point. It’s easy to see what you’ve won in that sense.

Kathmandu has a nice balance of scratch games features and lots to enjoy too

The scratch tickets can be played for some time as they’ve very involving. Sometimes the fifth reel takes longer to stop if you’ve got good results on the other scratchies reels. It’s a nice touch! I prefer a scratch card with different features like that.

You can also select to gamble a payline win in some scratch cards stages, so watch out for the opportunity. It makes Kathmandu even more appealing as an onlie pokies game. Scratch sites should have it readily available to play, as it’s a popular and delightful addition to all the games you will already have tried out. Don’t miss out on a chance to give it a try.

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