King Arthurs

It’s good to play scratch games that give you options to check out early if you’re not willing to bet the whole farm, as the saying goes. King Arthurs gives you the chance to finish the scratch card and take a prize at the end of any line you successfully complete. Some scratch cards don’t allow you to do it, so it’s good to have choices! Here’s what the King Arthurs scratch tickets have in store for you:

  • Try and guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the existing one!
  • Start by wagering a minimum of one credit on the King Arthurs game
  • Try and advance one row at a time without getting burned by the dragon!
  • Aim for perfect scratch card play to win the top prize
  • The scratchies are super fun and have three levels – cash out when you reach the end of a row if you like!

King Arthurs

There are forty nine numbers in all and when you start to play onlie pokies here you will see the first number appear. Just guess whether the next number will go higher or lower. Get it right and your scratch game will advance you to the next number. Guess six correct answers on your scratch game and you’ll get a choice. If you like you can make the scratch card a winner and take your prize. Otherwise play on and try for another scratch card prize that’s bigger!

The decision making part of the scratchies is the reason I love the game. Scratch games can be rigid but King Arthurs gives you a choice with each successful first row on the scratch games you get. You could have a good run on a scratchcard but you might like playing safer pokies. Alternatively like me you’d be glad of the chance to win more on scratch cards, in which case you’ll play on!

King Arthurs scratchies are entertaining and amusing scratch cards

It’s the reason I play a scratch game like it. Scratch tickets are better when they’re more versatile, and the online pokie called King Arthurs fits the bill. Lots of scratch cards sites like King Arthurs and have it to play among their selection of scratchies. I’ve certainly seen it at a good few of my favourite sites so it’s out there to be played time and again, whatever else you happen to enjoy playing too. Try it out and I guarantee it’ll be one of your favourites too!

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