Sakura Garden

Some scratch cards games are exceptionally well thought out, and Sakura Garden falls into that scratch card category. Pokies with attractive themes are always fun to play, and Sakura Garden is elegant and stunning in its scratch card simplicity. Let’s take a look at what the Sakura Garden scratchies have to show you:

  • Choose one, two or three machines to play on each Sakura Garden scratch game
  • Select your bet – between 10p and £10 for every machine you play
  • Click the spin button to spin the reels on your chosen scratch cards machine
  • Your machine will flash if you’ve won a prize!
  • Total bets and total wins boxes make it easy to see how much you’ve bet on a scratchcard and how much you’ve won each time

Sakura Garden

One good thing about the Sakura Garden scratchcard is that you’ve got everything you need on the one screen. You’ll notice the pay table on the scratch cards in the top right, so you’ll be able to refer to it all the time. Some of the symbols on the scratchies don’t need to display from left to right on the online pokie reels either, so you’ll get an even better chance of winning.

Sakura Garden is also very beautifully created. It’s probably the most stunning scratch game I’ve seen! The graphics are subtle and attractive and it’s one of the reasons why the scratch tickets are nice to keep playing. Considering you’re able to bet from just 10p a scratch game too, it’s well worth trying it out.

Sakura Garden shows you how good online scratchies can be!

The scratch card can be located on lots of scratch cards sites. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. It’s a popular entrant to the selection of scratch games too so you’ll enjoy it. Onlie pokies don’t get much better and it’s because the game is so well thought through. Even if you’ve only got a small budget for playing scratch games you’ll get several goes at the Sakura Garden one.

Scratch cards can be hard to choose because there are lots of them. But Sakura Garden is an easy one to choose. Scratch tickets can easily be bought and it’s up to you how many machines you play on each one. You’ve got the control to bet anything from 10p to a lot more! The more you wager on the scratch games the more you’ve got to win if you get lucky, so think carefully before you place your bets. Whatever you bet, Sakura Garden will have you hooked!

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