If you’re after a scratchies event that’s a bit different from the norm, check out the Dino game that’s proving to be an entertaining scratch game. You’ll be delighted you tried it, especially if you find the scratch card has excellent prizes for you. Dino is packed with the following outstanding pokies features:

  • One little dino in his egg means a prize of double the line wager!
  • Different coloured dinos mean you’ll win different prizes on your scratch cards
  • Dino has lots of dinosaurs to get used to, with five lines in play
  • The red dinosaur acts as a wild symbol and he can double up any winnings
  • The scratchcard is easy to play, read and understand – and enjoy!


One thing I’ve found appealing about the Dino scratchies is the baby nature of the dinos. They’re adorable and feature well on the scratch games. They’re easy to identify and you’ll easily see when your scratch cards have winning lines. They’re shown up well too when it happens so your scratch game will be perfect to focus on.

A scratch card should always have its own character, and the Dino scratchies certainly do. The whole nature of the scratch cards is prehistoric, giving an authentic feel to every scratch game. The paytable is pictured to the right, meaning you don’t have more than the one scratch tickets screen to worry about. Your scratch card could win a six figure sum if you make the maximum onlie pokies bet, so consider your scratchcard bets carefully.

I’ve played plenty of different scratch games but their variations are the best things about them. Dino stands out as an unusual theme for scratchies, giving you plenty to enjoy and appreciate as you play.

Dino has an unusual scratchies idea, but it works beautifully every time you play

You’ll be glad you tried the online pokie known as Dino, for sure. It’s a nice appealing game that many people have already tried and won money with as well. You’ll love the scratch games and be playing them more often than you might believe you would initially. I kept on coming back without really realising I was doing it! Smaller prizes were part of the reason, but the other part was simply that they’re great entertainment.

Scratch cards sites have lots of games to offer but Dino is ahead of the crowd. You’ll be glad you went the extra mile to try it out. I’m glad as I’ve won some great things when playing it, so you might follow in my own successes!

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