Mega Safe

I love my scratch cards and I am really pleased that I found Mega Safe, that offers you the chance to see if you can break into a safe by breaking through the code! You get all the thrill of seeing if you can beat the code, with all the fun of some great scratchies. This really is scratch cards at their very best and I know my scratchcards. There is something special about breaking a code to win. I love that sense of it being just a little bit naughty! This is a scratch card that offers you:

  • The chance to bet high or low
  • Fantastic jackpot of up to as much as $100,000
  • Different chances to win various jackpots
  • Really easy to learn how to play
  • Stunning graphics and great music

Mega Safe

There are various ways to play Mega Safe scratchies. You can play free scratch tickets, or you can buy scratch tickets at different levels. The more expensive the scratch cards, the higher the jackpot. You then click to play and you can either scratch the scratch card yourself or, if like me, you can’t wait, then you can play the autoplay and away you go!

Can You Crack The Code With Mega Safe Scratch Cards?

If you can crack the code with Mega Safe, then you’ve won. It really is that simple; you match up the code and if the safe door opens, then you have won. It is a combination of chance with an element of skill and I love that. That is why I love scratch games; they offer you the chance to have a different experience each time.

I know that some people love online pokies and they are reluctant to give up their online pokie, but pokies tend to be more about spinning and all over in a second or two. I love the way that scratch games let you choose which of the squares you scratch on the scratchcard. It is a real sense of control and that is certainly the case with this scratch card.

Mega Safe is a clever scratch game and given how clever some of these scratch games are, that is no mean feat. So for a great scratch game, you will not do better. This is one of the most thrilling scratch games I have played and believe me, I know what makes a good scratch game because I know so many scratch cards sites; but Mega Safe is the real deal and I love getting into that safe!

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