Outer Space

Some scratch game ideas are pure winners right from the start. You’ll see it’s true with Outer Space because you’ve got more than just one winning chance – if you want to take it. Check out the amazing benefits and scratch games features you’ll find with Outer Space:

  • Great for people budgeting to play scratchies as you’ll be able to start from just 25p!
  • Slots theme works well on the scratch games, and you can watch the reels spinning
  • Select up to six sets of the reels to play with each scratch card you choose
  • Outer Space has various symbols with space themes to use and watch for
  • Win thousands of pounds if you hit the jackpot – whatever you paid for the card!

Outer Space

When the scratchies are ready you’ll see six numbered machines to select from. It’s up to you how many pokies to play and which ones you want to play. Whatever scratch cards you go for, they’ll light up to show you they’re in play.

Right in the middle of each scratch game, near to the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a spin button. Once you’ve selected the price for your scratchies and the number of machines you’ll play, hit the spin button on the scratch cards. Watch carefully as the reels on your selected machines start to spin!

When I first played Outer Space onlie pokies I only played one machine. It meant I could try it out for 25p and get the idea of how these scratch tickets worked. I soon got the idea because on the first try on the scratch game I ended up with three identical blue rockets! I only won 50p but it made back double my bet and I could easily buy another two scratch games as a result. Not bad for a first try to experiment with the scratchies!

Scratch tickets are excellent when they’re challenging like Outer Space is

What do you expect to get from a scratchcard? We’ve all got different ideas about what makes the ideal scratchies but scratch card prizes are good to win. Having six options per scratchcard here makes it a good bet for a popular online pokie game.

Scratch sites delight in finding games like Outer Space because players like them too. It entices you back for more each time and that’s certainly what Outer Space has done to me. I’ve played the scratch cards loads of time and I’ll be back again too.

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