Sharon Osbourne

There are some things that area just about fun and Sharon Osbourne scratch cards are very much about fun and not being too serious. This is a scratch game for anyone who doesn’t want to be too serious and who definitely isn’t all that uptight. It is about fun and seeing if you can match up 3 symbols in a row (note that they have to be in a row).

I think that this scratch game has some really good features. In fact, why don’t you check some of these out for yourself? The features include:

  • A jackpot that will pay out 1,000 what you bet! Awesome!
  • Some excellent graphics that are really funny
  • A range of betting options
  • You can even play for free to get started
  • An awesome sound track that is magic

I particularly like the way that this scratch game has some really bright colours, Sharon is there with her little dog and it is about having fun. The design of the scratch card is really good: you even get a feeling that this is a scratch card that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But it is still a scratch card with a serious jackpot; the jackpot is one thousand times the cost of the scratchcard!

Scratch Cards For Those Who Aren’t Too Serious!

If you like your scratch cards then you will love these Sharon Osbourne ones. My friend loves these simply because of the graphics; she thinks that they are really funny and they are. These are not scratch tickets for people who want a casino ambience or who are too serious about their scratch games, these are scratch games for people who want fun and to have a laugh. That is what I look for when I am visiting scratch cards sites.

So if you play scratch cards to unwind and switch off, then who better to play scratch tickets with than Sharon Osbourne? She makes me laugh and I am really glad that I found these scratch games, instead of my usual online pokies. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my pokies and still play the odd game of online pokie, but I do really love these Sharon Osbourne scratchies. For me they really capture the essence of scratch games; big jackpots and big fun!

That is why this is such a good scratchcard, because it is about fun more than a casino and sometimes I just want to have fun, rather than getting too serious over my scratch cards!

Play Sharon Osbourne Now!

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