Captain’s Treasure

There’s something about pirating themes on scratch games that makes them more fun to play. Captain’s Treasure is a classic of its ilk in the scratch game genre, and once you’ve tried the pokies to see, you’ll be back to play more scratch cards very soon as well. Let’s see what the Captain’s Treasure cards have in store for the scratchies:

  • Quick and simple nine paylines to check out on your scratch cards
  • Captain’s Treasure has some impressive prizes to share out
  • Just 0.01 secures you one payline to play on, so it’s a low bet scratch card
  • Easy to access paytable tells you all you need to know about the prizes
  • The pirate himself is a wild one – so he could help you out on the online pokie!

Captain’s Treasure

I spotted that the familiar King, Queen, Jack and other common scratchies symbols are in play in the game. You’ll see them on your scratch cards so you can check out the state of play and how you are able to progress. There are other pirating symbols too though including the scratch cards cutlasses and a pirate map.

You’ll be glad to find a scratch game with lots to offer the player, as Captain’s Treasure has. I’ve tried it free initially so I could get an idea of what kind of scratch game it was. But I was impressed from the start. Scratch games don’t usually pack in as much fun as the scratchies do here.

When you play Captain’s Treasure onlie pokies you’ll see it’s based on reels. Your scratchies see reels stop from left along to the right, so the symbols pay out in that order too. Winning lines on scratch games are seen with a line through them, to make the win clear.

There are three scratch tickets boxes on the scratch card as well. They show you your scratch tickets line bet, your total bet and any winnings you’ve got on the previous spin.

Captain’s Treasure packs in a great experience and game for a scratchcard

There’s no denying the outstanding game play and thought that’s gone into the card. Any person who plays it is bound to be impressed, as I was when I first tried it. It doesn’t get dull though after you have played it for a while either!

Check out your favourite scratch card sites to see if they’re got the scratchcard for you. Once you find it you’ll be ready to play it over and again as much as you like it. It’s good for prizes too!

Play Captain’s Treasure Now!

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