Blackjack is a classic casino game, but surely not a pokies one? It is now we’ve got the scratch cards of Blackjack to try. With various scratchies bets and different decisions to make, it’s a classic addition to traditional versions of scratch games. Check out the benefits that come with playing Blackjack online as a scratch game:

  • Try and make it to 21 and beat the game dealer!
  • Don’t go bust or you’ll lose your scratch cards wager
  • You decide – do you hit or stand?
  • Choose from different Blackjack chips to place your scratchcard bet each time
  • Will you win against the dealer and grab some money to add to your scratchies account?


Blackjack is a simple game to understand on a scratchcard. It works just as it does in a casino. Try the scratch cards for free to check out the rules and then pay for your first scratch tickets!

I got going with a low 25p bet. Just select the chip by clicking on it at the foot of the scratch game. You’ll then be able to click on the space on the scratch games table to deposit your chip. Once you’ve tried the scratch games once you can re-bet the same amount as it’s faster. Alternatively try a scratch cards amount that’s higher or lower depending on your tastes.

On one occasion I got Blackjack on my first two cards! Scratchies are great when they win like that! The rules on the table help you to understand how the scratchies are played too. The dealer has to abide by two rules so it’s worth reading them to see how they could affect your onlie pokies play. Check out the scratch card ‘show tips’ box too. It should automatically be ticked to help you along with scratch tickets.

Get to the ultimate twenty one on a scratch card to win Blackjack!

It can happen and it does happen on the online pokie game. There’s never any better way to play than to try it for yourself, but you’ll be able to play free to see how it ticks along if you like. There are no prizes on free games but you’ll always have the option to try it if you like.

I’ve enjoyed Blackjack and it does feel like you’re at a proper table. Even though the game is online it’s still exciting and you’ll hesitate when you’re figuring out whether to stand or hit on your scratch game! Find scratch sites which have the game to see what it’s like.

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