Ice Land

Some of the best scratch tickets there are to play today are based on a pokies theme. The Ice Land scratch game is a great example. You’ll find it on several scratch sites because it’s very popular and gives you the chance to win several times with each spin of the reels. Here’s what you can look forward to when playing Ice Land scratchies:

  • Plenty of exciting symbols to match, including reindeer, penguins and Eskimos!
  • The scratch cards can be played from just 10p a go
  • Ice Land uses nine betting lines in each game, and each line is playable from 10p to £10
  • The maximum prize for the scratch game is a huge £100,000!
  • Look out for the snowman on Ice Land as the wild card to win more on the scratch card

Ice Land

I loved the game because it focuses on an online pokie theme as well as being a scratch game. It’s so cool to play and the characters on the scratch games are all well drawn and look very good. It’s easy to see when your Ice Land scratch cards produce one or more winning lines as they’ll flash to show you what you’ve won. The prizes are good too on the scratchies and I’ve played several onlie pokies cards that have given me more than one prize. Once I managed to get three winning lines on a single scratchcard!

Another good thing about the scratch card is that the pay table is easy to access. You’ll find it on the left hand side under the reels on the scratch tickets. It’ll show you what each symbol is worth and how many you need to get for a prize win on the scratch cards.

Ice Land has to rank among the best scratchies online for simplicity and effectiveness

You’ll find plenty of scratch games online for sure, but if you like to play scratch games that aren’t complicated, Ice Land will fit the bill. You can load up the scratch card, select the number of lines you want to play and the amount you want to bet on each one and just get started. It’s that simple! It’s why I love the game because it’s so easy and appealing to play it.

When I want a scratchcard that’ll give me several chances to win each time, I’ll always go for Ice Land. As far as online scratch games go, it’s near the top of the list of the best ones out there!

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